penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Antartica doesn't have a lot of amusement parks. We do get the occasional tourists coming down to get some pictures taken with us penguins though. Fortunately for Phil and Angie, Universal Studios is a LOT closer to them and warmer too!

The tourists look the same though.

See you later!

This was the second time Angie and I had visited Universal Orlando, as it's now called. Some of the exhibits were still there but most of it was completely different. The biggest reason we wanted to go there was the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" As you can see, there is lot to do even before you get to Diagon Alley!

Get your shop on.
A UNIVERSAL beginning.
A new exhibit.
Let the show begin.
Drac, Frankie and others
BJ with the DJ
A dead chorus line?
Even the signer gets into it!
The afterlife kids!
Krustyland on the Lake
Springfield's founder
Changing the expiration dates.
Time for a quick one at Moe's
Not a very satisfying bite
Grabbin' a snack at Lard Lad's
A Lard Lad donut sundae, worthy of even Homer's envy!
The DeLorean DC12 special edition
Where is the girl in the white car?
This one's for you E.D.!

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