penguin chick pictureHI EVERYBODY!!

Penguins don't do a lot of dancing and stuff (Happy Feet notwithstanding!) But in Chicago, Phil and Angie get to enjoy a lot of different kinds of music and dancing all year round. This looks like it was a lot of fun.

See you later!

Every year, from mid-spring through late summer, Chicago celebrates its diversity with a wide array of festivals, from Gospel and R & B to Country, Jazz and of course the world-famous "Taste of Chicago". CelticFest is the last of the festivals and is one we try not to miss. (By the way, Celtic is pronounced with a "k", not like that basketball team in Boston.)
Here are some pictures we have collected over the last few years of visiting with the descendants of the Celts and Moors.


This is what you think of when you think..
Celtic dancers
Thankfully.. he doesn't dance!
But these Scottish lasses DO!
Young Scots doing their best.
The dances tell a story, as well as entertain.
Colorful Irish lasses!
CelticFest is also about music.
Preparing his Uilleann (Irish) bagpipes.
Dance lessons.
Story telling from silver-tongued devils!
Fancy whites.
One proud lad among them!
High-steppin' colors.
Will they ever touch the ground again?
Banging the drum!
The Chicago Stock Yards Kilty Band

Click the pic to hear the Scottish pipes!

Small in size, but big in talent!
Colorful flights of fancy.
8 lasses, 1 lad. Not bad odds!
Solo flight.
And a child shall lead them.
The stage wasn't the ONLY place to dance!
A wardrobe malfunction?
Scottish beauties in white.
Dancing clouds.
Another Scottish dance story.
The small ones were a big hit.
Ring-a-round the poesy?
The clans assemble.
Click the pic to see the Mullane School of Irish Dance do its stuff!
Proof that gravity is a cognitive force.
I'm told the curls are wigs!
How high IS high?
Stage fright.
...and off.
get me outta this thing!
Basic black.
Divide and conquer
Dancin' and relaxin'!
Not all the attractiions where on stage.
Nature's own beauty.
Does this make my butt look big?

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