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This is about Angie's 30th birthday and the special places that Phil took them to. It looks like they had a lot of fun. I really liked looking at the pictures of the pool!

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Angie turns 30! told by her husband (Feb, 2000)

The anticipation and excitement started about two weeks prior. I told Angie that I was taking her someplace special on February 9th. For the next 14 days, questions were asked, answers were truthfully given ("Where are we going?" "Northbrook"), brows were furrowed and the process repeated. Angie did have one request, and that was to be taken to dinner at foodlife, an upscale open-air food bazaar on the Mezzanine level of Water Tower Place, in downtown Chicago.

Unbeknownst to her, I had set in motion a series of events that would not only involve the two of us, but her then boss and the CFO of the company Angie worked for! I had made arrangements with Angie's boss, Karen Wilson as well as Robert Tryzinski for her to have February 10th (her actual birth day) off, WITHOUT her knowing it. This was necessary in order for me to give her and us the special night alone which began at 6PM on February 9th.

After a relaxing dinner at foodlife, we returned home for a quick change of clothes and then off we went to Northbrook for the second part of Angie's birthday adventure. By this time, I had already told her she would have tomorrow off, but she still had no idea WHY! Not until we arrived at our final destination, did she even begin to understand what was going on.

Syabris logo

We arrived at The Sybaris to check in and the surprises began. The staff remembered that it was her birthday and gave her an opportunity to choose one item from either a set of wine glasses, sparkling cider or other gifts. This was even a surprise to me! She chose the wine glass set, we were given our room key and we proceeded to suite #33.

picture of Sybaris suite
picture of Sybaris suite
picture of Sybaris suite pool
Upon entering the suite, a luxurioius king sized bed and hot tub awaited us
There was also a gas fireplace and big screen TV to add to our comfort.
A glass wall seperates the bedroom from the second part of the suite, a 22 foot heated pool with sit-in whirlpool!
picture of Sybaris suite pool waterfall
picture of Sybaris suite
picture of Sybaris suite
The pool also has a waterfall above it, which made for some interesting times!
Some of the luxury additions to the suite included a twin sink vanity...
and a full bathroom with shower and bidet.

The idea of not only spending an entire evening together in this suite, but being able to get up at 4AM and take a few short steps to your own private pool was a very exciting prospect!!

After we returned home early Thursday afternoon, we relaxed for a few hours and then I took Angie to her favorite birthday restaurant Outback Steakhouse. We dined and then to finish the celebration, the restaurant wait staff sang "Happy Birthday" to her and we finished it off with a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under® for dessert. Upon returning home, we both collapsed and had another good night together!!!

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